This is Me!

This is Me!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'll try to make this one short

     K. So today was interesting. I had my first official day at my campus job. I'm a phoneathon caller. If you don't know what that is, I call alumni and ask for money. I know what you all are thinking, but it's not too bad. i actually had a lot of fun today. I also learned something new and this comes in the form of a story.
    So a guy that works with me came in today and everyone asked him the same question: Where in the heck did you hair and eyebrows go, and what happened to your head. Well, he told us it was a long story but told it anyway. So here it goes, the big advice. Don't pass out drunk with your shoes on. Apparently it gives people permission to do whatever they want to you. So after he passed out some guys buzzed his hair and shaved off his eyebrows. They took a bunch of his stuff and spread it around campus. They drew all over him and then dropped him on some randoms persons' door step. Like literally dropped him, he has a huge gash on his head to proove it. Luckily he found his phone hours later in the football locker room. Yeah, so learn from this guy. Don't ever pass out with your shoes on, and better yet. If you don't drink you wont pass out. Problem solved.

   In other events I watched tv all night. It was actually really nice to just sit down and catch up on a bunch of shows I've missed all summer and the start of this school year. To start out I watched a movie on Hallmark. Man did I miss hallmark. I love watching the movies with my mom and my sister. There is not one movie that hallmark has made that has been truely bad. The funny thing was, I was skyping my sister the whole time I was watching it.

   And lastly for the night I have one thing to say: I LOVE DAILYBOOTH!!!

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K, well Night!!!


  1. Jenny, that story was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i read it out loud 2 my roomate :).

  2. haha, i know. I figured a more positive post would be nice.