This is Me!

This is Me!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Haha...another funny story

Okay, so I am tired of all this serious stuff so here's another funny story, or at least it was funny to me.

   Okay, so for some random reason I decided to look out the little peep hole we have in our door to see whose at the door. I was bored and was just like, huh, let's look out the peep hole. So I did that and right as I did it 3 guys walk up to my door. Haha, I freaked, I was like oh they saw me and then I was like oh, yeah they can't. Hahaha, they were looking at the picture me and my roommate posted of us on our door. Then the guys said something but i didn't hear it. It was soooo funny. I was laughing so hard, but i tried to keep it quiet because I didn't want the guys to hear me. I immediately called my sister Jessie and told her the story because i thought it was that funny. I tried to call Kayla but she didn't answer.

   What makes this more funny is the day before I did the same thing because I was bored and all of a sudden my roommate came up and put her key in the door. I jumped and ran to my bed so she didn't know I was looking out the peep hole. Haha. I crack myself sometimes.

Okay, well I have to get moving. I have to work today. I don't really have to get ready because I am just sitting at a desk and calling people. It's not my ideal job to be a "telemarketer" even though we aren't supposed to call ourselves that, but at least it gets me some money.

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